Toolkit Resources


Learning about and trying youth-centred design can be challenging—just like starting any new thing. This section has a number of resources to support you, and will continue to grow over time.


Guidelines for sticky notes:

Write in block letters

Writing clearly makes it easier for a group to engage with your ideas, especially from across a room.

3-5 words per stickie note

Limiting the amount of text you put on a sticky note will also improve clarity and make it easy for people to talk through the different ideas.

Pull side to side (not up)

When removing a sticky note from the pad, pull it from side to side, instead of upwards, which creates a curve in the sticky note and limits its adhesive power.



Creating a safe space for all participants and getting people feeling creative and playful are essential for successful design workshops. That's why we recommend starting each of your workshops with an icebreaker activity.

We have gathered a number of icebreakers for you to choose from.