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Define an Opportunity

Effective designers know when to diverge and when to converge. Now is a time to converge and focus in.

Chapter Focus: Focus in on the problem your group is most excited to work on, then reframe that problem as an opportunity in the form of a “How might we…?” (HMW) question.

With these activities, you’ll take the many needs you identified when creating personas and turn them into opportunities. By forming connections between the needs of young people and the services or other initiatives of your group, you’ll discover unexpected and interesting ways to meet newly uncovered needs through the things you already do. You may discover that you can address these needs by changing or building on what you already do. The activities in this chapter will set you up to generate ideas in response to these opportunities.

Once you've become familiar with how to run the basic workshop, you can check out the Additional Activities and Tips section for more information about defining opportunities and new tools you can try out.