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Build Prototypes

Good prototypes save a lot of time and energy, because making something is the quickest way to learn about an idea.

Chapter Focus: Identify what you want to learn about your idea and build prototype(s) that will help you have those conversations and get feedback.

A prototype is a preliminary version of something, like an idea. When you make a prototype, you learn as you make, and then you can also use that prototype to test your idea with people.

With the activities in this chapter, you'll pull together one or multiple prototypes to investigate the features of your idea. We often think of prototypes as physical things because people most often prototype products, but you can prototype experiences, spaces, events, services, workflows, and more. A prototype can be a skit, a drawing, a storyboard or comic strip, a flowchart, a job description, a video or a story. With these activities, you'll make something that people who will end up using your idea can interact with and then react to, helping you improve the idea.

Once you've become familiar with how to run the basic workshop, you can check out the Additional Activities and Tips section for more information about building prototypes and and new tools you can try out.