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Materials and Prep

There are a few steps before you get to running a workshop.

To Prepare for A 'Get Feedback' Workshop You'll Need to:

  • Schedule time: 
    • 30 minutes to plan testing as a group
    • 30 minutes of testing per player
    • 30 minutes to review the results as a group
  • Find a space for your group to work in
  • Arrange time with people you want to show your prototype to (i.e. testers)
    • Gather the materials in the list below


    • Pens and paper to take notes
    • Prototype(s) of your ideas from the Build Prototypes workshop
    • Printed or online Workshop Instructions for your reference
    • Printed Testing Tip Sheets for each designer to refer to during testing
    • Printed Feedback Grids to capture feedback from each person you test with

    Have you completed the Build Prototypes workshop? Do you have a prototype of an idea for how to meet the needs of young people? Is your group ready to share this prototype and make them even better? 

    Then you're ready to: