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Generate Ideas

To catch a big fish:
1) Cast a wide net to catch a lot of fish,
2) Throw back all the little ones. 

Coming up with a big idea is just the same.

Chapter Focus:  to generate lots of ideas that solve your HMW question and prioritize 1-3 ideas to move forward.

With the activities in this chapter, you’ll use the HMW question you developed to come up with ideas for how to better meet the needs of young people. Getting to a really good idea starts with having a whole bunch of ideas, so these activities will push you to generate a large number of ideas. Once each person in your group has spent time generating ideas individually, you'll share those ideas and start combining multiple ideas together. 

Once you've become familiar with how to run the basic workshop, you can check out the Additional Activities and Tips section for more information about generating ideas and and new tools you can try out.