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Materials and Prep

There are a few steps before you get to running a workshop.

To Prepare for a Persona Workshop You'll Need to:

  • Download, print and cut up all of the paper materials (this takes about 30 min)
  • Find a space for your group to work in
  • Schedule 2 hours for your group to do the activities
  • Gather the materials in the list below


  • Print and cut-out the Context Deck
  • Print and cut-out the Needs Deck
  • Print and cut-out the Scenario Deck
  • Print one Empathy Map per person
  • Print one Persona Mat per person
  • Scotch Tape for putting the Persona Mats together
  • One marker and pen per person
  • Printed or online Workshop Instructions for your reference 
  • A camera or smartphone to take pictures of completed work
  • Coloured markers or crayons for drawing (optional)

Have you read Design with Young People? Have you gathered a diverse design team and prepared your materials? Are you excited to spend about 2 hours stepping into the shoes of others? Then you're ready to: